Next is What?

I love travelling. I feel it is in my blood to travel, to explore new places and to discover what, perhaps, not many has an opportunity to discover – pure nirvana. I mean think about it – How many of us can actually take time out specifically to travel to places? If you have some ‘free’ time, you perhaps “waste” it in doing the daily chores of life, or fulfilling some responsibilities that the world has thrown onto you. So, where does that leave the time to travel, to explore, to go to some uncharted territory and still feel at ‘home’?

I don’t know what should I call myself – lucky or pure “fool”, because I love traveling. A few people do call me crazy because of the amount of traveling that I do, but I tell them to go out and do something. Not just pass their life doing office-home-office schedule. Recently, I came back from what I call ‘ the land of Gods’ – Spiti Valley, located in Himachal Pradesh. I have never ever in my entire life up until now seen such a beautiful place. I have absolutely fallen in love with the vistas, with the people, with the atmosphere and ofcourse with the wonderful non-existant roads!

I have ridden to hills enough times now. It’s time, I believe, I started to conquer a few plains. Hence, my next destination should somewhere be in the plains. Now, if we look out of the Delhi/NCR region, we can go to three “sides” – we can take the NH-2 and gun towards Agra, which, incidentally, is called the ‘city of love’, because of the symbol of love – The Taj Mahal. Or I can take the superb NH-1 and head towards Chandigarh/ Panchkula where I can just sip a cold coffee at Gopal’s (at Panchkula), and ride back by the evening itself. Oh, if you haven’t already tasted it, I BEG for you to go and taste the Cold Coffee at Gopal’s at Panchkula. I bet you would forget CCD, for good. My third option is to catch the NH-8 out of Delhi and do Rajasthan.

All these three ‘destinations’ would be burning hot now, as this is the peak summer season, here in the Indian subcontintent. But come what may, I have decided that I need to go out and visit some place, well, worth visiting. Rajasthan is high on my list. I have been there once, but this time I’ll take some time out to explore and more importantly photograph the place which I visit. I am yet to decide the dates, the actual place that I will visit, but one thing which probably I have done deciding is the means with which I will travel – Motorcycle, what else! Unless, I feel the urge to take a train ride or perhaps even take a bus to Rajasthan.

Now, that I have mentioned it, an overnight train journey is not really such a bad idea. I get to meet new faces, click a few photographs perhaps, and ofcourse take in the sights and sounds of what is “real India”

Until then, keep traveling.

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