Travel Starved!

I have not traveled in almost more than a month now and the signs are beginning to show – boring days, and even more boring nights, thought process is beginning to slow down. And on top of that the tremendous heat of Delhi is killing everything in it’s vicinity, quite literally!

Monsoon was supposed to hit a week back. It did make it’s presence felt for a day or two, and then, it vanished, into thin air. I need to go out, go to the cooler climes where nature almost seems to speak to you, where you need not think twice to venture out into the unknown, where time just seems to have stopped still, and where the views are so beautiful that you feel that you are in your dreams. Yes, a place like this does exist. And I urge you all to get out of your daily schedules, from your humdrum lives and go out and travel, see places, visit some unexplored destination before it’s “too late”. I assure you one day, you would look back and say to yourself – “Wish I would have….”

That, friends, is the worst feeling in this entire world! Phew! Enough of ranting and motivating already. Now, let me get back to what I was doing – looking for my next destination, that solitude, that ‘unexplored’ paradise.

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  • Rashmi  On July 28, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Those are some awesome pics from the nature’s lap.. really great!.. which camera model was used by the way;)


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