Aston Martin DB9 photo-shoot

It is not everyday that one gets to work for an iconic British automotive brand, and when I was the lucky one, I couldn’t let go off this opportunity, but ofcourse. The beauty was the Aston Martin DB9, and in a bright-yellow paint job no less. It was done over a period of half a day, and I am really thankful to AM for have given me this wonderful opportunity and to have trusted me with this beautiful car.

The Aston Martin DB9 is an iconic sports-car, with the image of 007 probably something which comes into your mind instantly when one thinks of the brand Aston Martin. Loved all over the world, Aston Martin has surely become one of the most iconic automotive brands in this country too, off-late. Go, have a look and I am sure you’d fall in love with their brand of models. For a handful of us who CAN actually go ahead and splurge the money to buy these beauties, I am sure they’d have the absolute time of their lives.

Sharing below a few pictures from the wonderful photo-shoot. Thanks to the wonderful team at Aston Martin, and also thanks to my light-assistant for the day, Aditya for helping me out and assisting me in this all important photo-shoot of the beautiful DB9.

Presenting the Aston Martin DB9 in all her glory.








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