Into the Evening…

Finding peace is not an easy task, no-matter how easy it might sound to you. On such a busy day, I made it a point to take an hour out in the evening, just to be with myself. Yes, I do love to be all alone; it does feel a little too alone at times, but then again, it is something which I choose for myself, and not forced upon. Moreover, if I have my beloved camera with me, I hardly feel the need to interact, talk, chat-up with anyone else. Having some great friends around is always a plus-point, but even if I am alone with my camera, I have found peace and solace.

Photograph things, daily things, things which you see on a daily basis but perhaps never took time to really “see” and appreciate is what I like to do, apart from writing about it, ofcourse. After all, I started writing long before I even thought about how interested photography is. So, you see, writing is and shall always be something that I give just a tad preference over photography, I believe. Anyhow, not boring you guys to death anymore; sharing a few pictures from last evening. These are not really technically superior or award-winning images which are ready to go to National Geographic or anything; just a few images created after dark while taking a nice , and more importantly a quiet stroll. Just being with myself, and enjoying  the time. 🙂


Loneliness is perhaps a blessing, at times, and at others it is pure punishment…


The dome of a old architecture contrasts beautifully with the blue sky just after sunset.


A black & white of the complex of Lodhi Gardens…



Blue skies and the lit historical beauty at Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi.

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