Everything Reminds Me of You…

The rain drumming on the rooftop reminds me of you. I wish we would wander in this hammering rain, laughing, stopping, kissing and soaking. I wish we wouldn’t find the umbrella and go out just like that. And after we got all drenched together, we would eventually end up finding some dry refuge with no-one around; just you and me. I wish you would feel cold and my arms would hold you tight just so to warm you with my body-heat. And as you would look straight into my eyes, I would remove those couple of stranded wet hair from your beautiful lips and kiss you passionately. I know it sounds like one of the most gloriously irresponsible things that we could ever do, but that is how I am. For me, there is nothing “responsible” or “irresponsible”,  “logical/ illogical” when it comes to love and romance. I know, most of the times the stuff that i say don’t make any sense, but when it comes to love, the boundaries of what we call sense blur with the limitlessness of insanity. So forgive me for that, because I’m helpless in clearly defining these unfathomable borderlines and these uncontrollable emotions running through my mind.

As I write these words lying on the bed, trying to sleep with a heavy heart; a heart that wants, what it can’t have. I guess hearts are made that way. They are stubborn and demanding at the same time, and especially so when you are in love with someone. Like you are! Like I am! Why then, do I feel this huge distance between us? Just why? Why is your heart beating so fast? It’s beating so fast that I can clearly hear the nervous, anxious heart-beats. May be it’s time for me to leave. May be that’s why I feel your hand clutching mine, holding it so tight as if you don’t want me to leave, ever. So, let me tell you what I want to tell you, before I finally leave.

After I am gone, alwayImages remember these words. Don’t just think about them, FEEL them. Whether we are together tomorrow or not, never forget to pass on the message of love. For, it is indeed one of the greatest lessons of life. Now, please let me kiss your eyes and bid you good-bye forever. You know very well how much I hate good-byes, but we all have to take leave one day, whether in life or death. That is how, I guess, love is…

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  • Prerna Garg  On December 14, 2015 at 4:54 AM

    Just heart touching, I’m in love with your blog, your voice(songs) your photography everything. Hats off sir.


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