Heartbreak – Breaking Bad

You know when you left me, I was sad but didn’t really cry, so to say. I think it was because of sheer disbelief or maybe I am better at dry sadness or something.

I am not sad, but I feel I am still a little shocked whenever I think that we aren’t together anymore. You seem so near, yet so very far. I wanted to tell you only two things when you left in a hurry and even now I wish to say those two things and then I’ll not speak about it any more, I promise. First, I hope to, I want to and need so much to see you again, some day. Some day soon, perhaps, but only when YOU will wish to. Second, I am v bad at assuming things. So, do not worry; I shall not assume that you love me anew, or even want to sleep with me, or even think about you and I in the same way like my heart does. At times, I had thought I won’t see you ever again but then the realization dawned upon me that all the love and those priceless emotions I had felt all this time has still been beating inside that broken heart of mine, but I just cannot seem to find them inside me, no matter how hard I try. No, I cannot think that I shall not see you again. I have lost your love and it is extremely painful for me but somehow my heart does not want to lose you. It just wishes to hold on to your soft hands and never let you go.

What you gave me meant so much to me and it still means the world to me; so much so that you could never take it back even if you wished to. As for me, it is baffling but I’ve realized in the past days that I love you just as much as I did when I landed into yout heart for the very first time. But, please just ignore this if it bothers you one bit my love, but I guess since I am in absolute love with writing, penning down these feelings gives me a certain sense of relief, solitude if you will.
Well, I guess I am just ranting now, and some-how all these words seem silly; maybe they seem meaningless to you too, I don’t know. You are so near, but yet really far from within. I feel like coming really close to you and just whisper those three magical words to you, but I am scared of the future, a future which nobody has seen but everyone, somehow magically, have an idea about. God surely knows that I’ll give my life to be with you forever. Hopelessly Romantic, you say? Well, that’d be me, please.
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