Love, and the feeling of it…

“Are you in love, Bobby?”, she asked. I had no clue, for I myself didn’t know whether this was a figment of my vast imagination, a dream, or perhaps a reality. I would’ve liked to believe it is love, but I was not sure. She kept gazing at me with a hopeful look in her eyes. I could feel that she was really curious and perhaps even a little nervous as she asked that question. May be she was in love with me, may be she was not, I would never really know…

She is a beautiful lady; beauty cannot comprehend the sort of damsel that she is. Two bright, beautiful eyes which almost pierces through your heart right onto your soul, a smile which is worth dying for, and a voice so alluring that crystal would fade in comparison to her. Her beauty is very sublime; one needs to really “see” and not merely look, to really appreciate the sort of beauty that she possesses.  I use the word “possess” because I truly have come to believe after seeing her that such beauty can only be possessed, if you know what I mean. Adjectives like goregous, eye catching, attractive, unique, breath taking, desirable, stunning seem feeble when compared to her unmatched alluring personality.

As much as I would want to believe that I am in love with her, I seem to ignore it for reasons totally oblivious to me. Each one of us, yes, including YOU there, I am sure has been in love atleast once and have gotten hurt too. But, does that stop you or any one of us from being in love all over again? Every year during Valentine’s Day couples show their love for one another either through words, actions or gifts. The typical gift that is given on this special occasion is chocolates, perfume or flowers. But, I would love such a day when gifts just won’t matter – what would rather matter is that feeling which comes from within, that feeling of being loved and that wonderful feeling of being cared for. It is said that love is such a feeling, without which no one can really survive. Each one of us, who intends to be in a relationship, has to go through such a lovely feeling. Even if you are the sorts who do not really believe in love at all, it surely will engulf you one day for sure, and you will, relatively speaking, sink in the ocean of love!

From time to time though, this question just totally absorbs me – was she a dream, was she a reality? I don’t know, but what I DO know is the fact that she has left an indelible mark in my life; a mark which can never be erased. Yes, one day I would love your arms to possess me, one day I would love you to hold my hand, one day I surely hope that we walk hand in hand through the sand…

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