I See You in the Moon Tonight

As I was walking home after a late night movie, I slowly looked up at the sky, at the moon tonight & I saw you. I could see you hiding behind the clouds; the clouds which slowly moved across the bright moon to reveal the gorgeous beauty. As the clouds moved in & out, they tried to fade you but just could not, for your glow was far too bright than what any cloud could ever fade. I kept looking at you for almost an hour and in those 60 minutes, I spoke to you and I just quietly kept gazing at you. It was hard for me to go inside the house; I literally wanted to take you inside with me. No matter how many times I see you in the sky, you appear to be even more beautiful than what I had seen of you the last time. I stared at you without battling an eyelid just to be amazed by the glow of you that shines all around me. God, I find you just so beautiful that any words I use just fall flat on their faces. I just wish and wait for the time when I’d be able to hold you close to me again, and kiss you passionately under a beautiful moonlit sky. There is nothing in my eyes more perfect than you, my love, just like that beautiful, dazzling, white ball of light that we see shining bright in the sky. I just want you to know that you shall forever be in my heart, for only you are the one who would wash away all the past scars by your sheer brightness, love & adoration. Till my last breath, I shall adore you, love you and would be amazed by what you are…


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