Top Three Tips for Photography in the Himalayas – and a possible give-away with this blog post!

*Read the entire post (especially the last lines) to find something really interesting; yes, a possible give-away! Make sure you leave a comment or two regarding anything interesting (regarding travel – like your favorite city, any tips for fellow travellers, etc.) in the comment section below*


I’ve always been in love with the Himalayas ever since I can remember. As a child, I always used to get excited whenever the entire family would take vacations, especially anywhere in the Himalayas. As years passed by, I became heavily inclined  and got introduced to my creative side, and writing & photography took the front seat as far as my passion and profession was concerned.

Ever since then, I have been going back to the Himalayas to frame them, and to write more in-depth about them, each time a little more than the last time. And every time I go there, I feel I leave a part of my being there while coming back. They are just magical! Photography in the Himalayas has been a major turning point for me when it comes to falling head over heels in love with the beautiful mountains. And hence, I wanted to share 3 top tips that I could perhaps think of, at this point of time, for photography in the Himalayas. These are not really  “rules” or hard-wired tips as such; rather, these are the 3 points that I could think of right now w.r.t photography & the Himalayas.

  1. Golden Hour is good but don’t be afraid of the so called ‘hard light’ – Yes, we all know how all pictures (especially landscapes) can get that great depth and colors, if photographed during the so called “golden hours” (just before dawn & moments after dusk), but that should not stop you from photographing the mountains or the magical landscapes during the peak time of the day, afternoon, or when the light is not ideal. Impressive panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks lining the horizon, multi-coloured rock layers and ridges poking through the deep blankets of snow which envelop the upper reaches of the mountains, violent winds whipping snow up in a plum as they strip the exposed peaks bare; All this set against customary deep blue skies sparsely populated with rising puffy cumulus clouds in the afternoon heat, coupled with a turquoise lake or two, it’s all about contrast and how could it not be photogenic under harsh light? In fact it’s at its most photogenic under the harsh midday sun!
  2. Black & White – Yes, I know how colors and everything related to colors look fantastic. But, trust me when I say, black & white has its own charm. Next time you are in the Himalayas, just try and photograph the snow-clad mountains with the dark blue sky and then eventually turn it into a pure black & white image. And you’ll see how amazing it actually looks.
  3. Well, explore! – This tip is not really related to photography per se, but it is true for travelling in general. When you are done travelling through the normal routes, try and explore. Try and find out different paths, get off the beaten path and  trust me, you’ll discover an entirely new world. I know I discovered such amazing vistas, met so many new and interesting people and got some great pictures, just because I took the ‘road less taken’.

If you have any other interesting tips to share with me, please do leave a comment below. Or maybe you can tell me about your favourite cities. Please share your views in the comment section, and I just might have something interesting to ‘give-away’ in my next blog post!

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