Covid Has Finished it All. Or Has it?

For the longest time possible, I have been someone who cannot help but look at the brighter side of life. Be it my failed relationships over the years, professional work life or anything else for that matter, I have forever believed, whatever destiny has in store, is mostly for good. So much so, that when Covid 19 hit the world by a massive surprise, I was, like everyone else all across the globe, shocked and after the initial shock died down, and the entire world went into months of lockdown, I was slowly prepared for what to come.

I knew, a lot of us would struggle financially, work-wise and a lot of other unforeseen events would happen. And that is exactly what happened – people lost their jobs, things turned real nasty. But, looking at the brighter side of life, I was glad that the lockdowns were being slowly being lifted and probably, maybe, we will start finding work and would be able to take care of our families and ourselves as well. The initial struggle did happen, no doubt. But, then work started to come, slowly but surely. I was hopeful and happy that although things could never be 100% same (pre Corona), but atleast even this “new normal” wasn’t something that we needed to curse.

And then, it happened! The 2nd wave hit the world and India and everything went down the drain. This wave has been absolutely terrible. It has affected everyone around me. A lot of my friends have been affected; either they were down with Covid or their families were. A lot of people I knew personally lost their lives. It is just sadness and a grim situation, no matter where I look – online or offline, all we get to hear on a daily basis are uncontrollable death and spread of the virus.

During the 2nd week of April, I also came down with a mild fever (99F), to which I suspected was Covid. Ofcourse, as expected, I couldn’t get the tests done because of the huge pressure on the entire medical system of the country. My tests, which I scheduled were automatically cancelled atleast 3 times, and I just gave up. Ofcourse, I had isolated myself inside my room from the day I started to feel feverish and instantly started with the recommended medicines that I had heard were working. I also consulted a couple of doctors online and they strictly suggested me to start meds from day 1.

Ofcourse, I am okay now (and hence I am able to post this blog tonight as I cannot sleep), and the fever abated after 4 days of being a constant 99F. I showed no other symptoms though. So, I am still confused whether it was indeed Covid or a flu. But, what concerns me at this point of time in my life is work. I’ve no work at all, and whatever projects were lined up were all but cancelled. So, practically, I have exactly zero projects in my hands and with the situation not getting any better in Delhi or in the country as a whole, it is only going to get worse from bad.

I am so financially broke that I am not even able to order a pack of coffee online (of which I am a huge lover!). I just realized as I went online onto Blue Tokai coffee’s website that I couldn’t even afford Rs.830/- for my coffee and a pack of filter paper! It is sad and depressing, but like I’ve said, I am someone who thinks positive and tries to look at the silver lining.

I have hope. Hope that things will eventually be better. Hope that the value of human life would be understood by a country who is, right now, seems least bothered. Hope that work will follow and so will some sort of financial stability. Till then, I am thankful that I and my loved ones and close friends are doing alright. And holding on. For that is all that’s required as of now. Ofcourse, apart from masking up all the time and properly sanItizing ourselves…

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