Stark Winter Landscape and its beauty

Winters have their own charm, especially in a country like ours which predominantly is a place which has hot and sultry weather almost all through the year. But, there are those few months, where nature does show her beauty, and it is in times like these that a few crazy people think it to be wise to ride up there on motorcycles no less!

Without getting into the boring details, I would rather let you all enjoy the vistas; the stark beauty of the winter landscape, as I like to call it. However, I would like to mention the places that these pictures were made at. From run of the mill places like Shimla and Narkanda to places which are seldom visited by anyone, like, Jalori, Aut, et al. Here, I have tried to present a few shots which I managed to create of the wonderful landscape, during the peak winter season.

I am first and foremost a photographer; hence, I thought it would be only apt to provide a photo-log, for a change, this time!

Cold yet lovely - the town of Narkanda wears a deserted look during one winter morning, surrounded by snow all around.

Don't overlook the wonderful sunsets that nature has on offer, or else, you would have missed something dear - the sun sets somewhere in Himachal with the beautiful colors making themselves visible, while a branch of a tree grace the frame.

There are two things that ought to have in your life: harmony and a certain sort of rhythm, without which the life is not really 'life' - the beautiful blue sky and the white cloud make themselves visible while the dry branches of a tree look on...

Tranquil - a 'toy train' reaches the Shimla station while the steam coming off of it graces the whole frame with the orange feel of the setting sun, providing for 'peace' and a very tranquil feeling to the whole picture.

Early Mornings are the best time to see Mother Nature in all her glory - the sky changes colors rapidly during the early winter morning, as the sun gets ready to warm the cold Earth.

Nature's Wonder - the orangish red cloud loom large as the leaves of a few trees gaze on, during one lovely winter sunset.

Frozen - the water droplets frozen, creates some beautiful design.

The Stairway to the World Above - a part of a beautiful stairway goes straight up, to the 'source' of those wonderful sunset colors - the Creator himself.

Design is Nothing but the arrangement of everything present in a photograph in a particular way, which looks soothing to the eye - the white snow and the red roof compliment each other perfectly, and forms a wonderful design element.

The Sunrise and Sunsets are perhaps God's signature which he 'paints' in the sky - a part of a design is visible in silhouette amongst the fiery red sky as the sun just begins to come out, somewhere in the Himalayas.

The Guardian Angel - a Eagle looks on at the vast jungle in the background, almost like an Guardian Angel.

There is a strange thing about Landscape that attracts me - the beautiful snow-clad mountains present itself to my lens.

The world is Mother Nature's playground - the cloud plays some amazing games as the whole sky changes colors during a cold evening sunset.

The Loner - a sole human being walks up a snow-laden path.

Down But Not Out - a sole hand-pump stands strong even as loads of snow surrounds it from all sides...

Congestion, when viewed just at the right moment can be astounding - the town of Shimla glows beautifully during the sundown, as the clouds play their own game of hide and seek.

It is amazing how light can affect even a simple subject - the sun casts some beautiful shadows on the wall, while the white landscape is visible on the right.

Vanilla Ice - the heavy snow almost look like Vanilla Ice!

If you need to, flow against the 'current', but make sure whatever you do, you do it with a pure heart - the river flows through the vibrant, green landscape, somewhere in the Himalayas.

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  • AHMED  On March 29, 2011 at 1:31 PM

    Hey ,

    Just got through your bolg and really inspired by your passion of travelling . The pics of winters are really nice and eye pleasing . hope to follow your blog in future also . take care .


    • vulpineshooter  On March 29, 2011 at 5:22 PM

      Thanks Ahmed, for looking through the website. šŸ™‚ I am glad you liked the content. Thanks for those tremendous words of appreciation. šŸ™‚


      • AHMED  On March 30, 2011 at 12:26 AM

        can u suggest me something . I am confused with what bike to buy Bajaj Avenger and Tunderbird- Twin spark ,,,


  • tanu  On October 13, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    these pics are really really awesome …….


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