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Mia Khalifa Made Glasses Sexy!

The gorgeous pornstar Mia Khalifa might get flack for many things these days. She’s thought to have ruined the honor of the Lebanese woman and she might have provoked war with Israel, somehow. Personally, I’m a huge  Khalifa fan and I especially love her because, you guessed it right, she wears glasses! And that is one thing I just can’t forgive this woman for; she made glasses sexy!


Once upon a time, wearing glasses was a great way to keep men away from you. The great author Dorothy Parker wrote, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” This was the beauty of eyeglasses. Glasses make people appear more intelligent, and from what I have seen, men fear intelligent women. Thus, wearing eyeglasses could be seen as a shield from unwanted attention from the male sex. Put on a pair of glasses and you might as well be invisible.

Mia Khalifa, though, always wears glasses. Even when she’s having sex, even when she is generally chit chatting. In fact, one might argue that it’s the glasses that pushed her to the top of Pornhub. Khalifa’s glasses are like a super-power that she has got. She’s the nice Lebanese girl next-door!

Khalifa. How else to explain this phenomena? There’s no helping us now. Mia Khalifa wears glasses, and glasses are a huge turn-on. The world over!

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