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Brewing Romance…

It’s a hot summers Wednesday evening. She is sitting in this beautiful little coffee shop. It’s probably her alone time after office or something, I couldn’t tell, really.

She hears him before she sees him. The door opens. The tiny bell hung above it rings, signaling his presence. She looks up from her Cappuccino and laptop at the soft noise and the burst of air coming through. She stops her work, almost spilling her hot coffee all over her in the process.
He takes off his shoulder bag and looks around. His dark-rimmed glasses make him seem just a bit more sophisticated than he perhaps really is. He has taken on the style of the big metropolitian city after all.

He walks up to the barista and orders his coffee of choice. She couldn’t hear him well enough to really decipher what he likes to drink. His eyes scan around the seemingly empty coffee shop, feeling as if someone is watching him. His gaze falls upon her, observing him from across the room. His eyes look at her for a second or two and then move on.

His name is suddenly called by the barista and their staring contest finally breaks…

A Free Day in a Photographer’s Life!

Well, today is Monday, and this week’s video is a short 3-minute walk-through of a free day in my life! There are days when I’m over-loaded with work (photo-shoots, client meetings, running errands, etc.) and then there are days like this. Please do “Subscribe” to my channel on ‪#‎YouTube‬ for weekly updates!

‘Bobby Roy’ Branded Merchandise (Coffee Mug)

Finally, it’s here. I have always wanted to launch a series of branded merchandise, and this coffee table mug is something that I am really proud of. Henceforth, every client gets one at the end of each shoot that I do as a token of appreciation.

Additionally, if you need one, you can order one specifically by sending an email to me at : BobbyRoyPhotography@gmail.com and I shall revert back with the details. It costs a very nominal amount, and the quality of the coffee mug is impeccable, this I can guarantee from my end. 🙂

Here is how the coffee mug looks with my brad printed on it in bold and crystal clear fonts.



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