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Volvo S60 Cross Country Featutre

This short Volvo S60 Cross Country feature showcases the beautiful vehicle that the Cross Country is. It is a handsome looking vehicle that is equally powerful. Powered by a 2.4 litre 5-cylinder diesel engine that produces 190bhp and 420Nm of torque, the S60 Cross Country is no slouch. However, what’s prominent on the Cross Country is it’s massive 201mm ground clearance, a full 65mm more than the standard S60 from Volvo. If you look at it with an open mind, quite contrary to the typical convention, Volvo’s attempt with the S60 Cross Country makes for very pleasing proposition.

In a ‘jungle’ populated by the likes of Mercedes Benz C-class, BMW’s 3-series, Audi’s very own A4 and now even the XE from Jaguar, the S60 Cross Country almost comes as a breath of fresh air which also offers something unique and really practical as well.

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