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Ladakh, 2016 – Episode 1: Prologue

Ladakh is a dream destination for many, and as I start penning down the travelogue, I realize, there is so much to share, so much to write. And a barrage of emotions just batter me. Here is the first part (the prologue, really)  – Ladakh – A Romantic Saga: Prologue that I’ve managed to pen down. A lot of story-telling to be done, a myriad of emotions and memories to share. Stay hooked! 🙂


…to the Queen of Hills.

Yes, it had been quite a while that I travelled last, and when a bunch of friends suggested, or rather asked me to chart out a 3- day plan of driving to the hills, I just couldn’t resist! I mean, how could I!? I checked my schedule (no photo-shoots were planned during those 3 odd days), and I was off.

A plan was made within a couple of days, emails sent with proper descriptions, and the entire plan, and we were off during the weekend, early morning at 0400hrs. Without going into the details, let’s just say, we had a fabulous time, not only because of the company that I had, but also because of the fact that a few people in this group of 6 people, had infact experienced snow for the first time, and it was a sight seeing them go crazy at the first glance of snow.

The first night, we halted in Narkanda, while for the 2nd night, we came down to Shimla, where we halted for the night, before returning to Delhi and to our busy chores the next day. But, there is that bug inside me, which keeps pinching me from time to time, to go out, travel and travel some more. So, who knows, where I am off to next month! For the time being though, please enjoy these few pictures which I managed to create during this 3 day trip. 🙂

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