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Amritsar || Travel Video


Amritsar is a beautiful city, and home to one of the holiest Gurudwara, the Golden Temple or ‘Harmandir Sahib’ as it is also known. This is a short 3 minute travel video which shows a glimpse of the city as well as the Golden Temple through the eyes of a beautiful lady.

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Delhi Monsoons!




This is what the main roads of Delhi look like with just 20 minutes of monsoon rains. With miles long traffic jams, and a “lake” right in the middle of the main road, it becomes absolutely impossible to move.

And this is the case every monsoon. I wonder when will the Government finally wake up and take some solid step to curb such issues. And to think of it, Delhi does not even receive 20% of the rain-fall what cities like Mumbai or many states in the South or North-East India receive!

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