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Today & Everyday – I miss you, mummy




Dear Mummy,

I don’t really know why am I writing this letter to you, but it is the only way I can let you know my feelings, and perhaps this is the only way I can say things to you which I always wanted to say to you but could never really say.


This hasn’t happened for a long time now. Whenever I have seen you in my dreams, I have always seen you looking at me with a smiling face. But last night, I saw you looking at me and crying incessantly as if you were sad about something. I wanted to ask you why are you sad, I wanted to speak to you but I could not.

Not a single day has passed by since you’ve left that I have not thought about you. Each day I think how nice it would be talk to you again, mummy. There are days when I just pick up my cell-phone, see your number and just dial it just to see your name being dialed on the phone screen. I know & remember how you passed away all of a sudden 2 years back, and since then nothing has ever been the same. Oh, how I’d love to see you again & talk to you, just that one more time.

Mummy, I miss you bad. I love you. You are and shall always be the most beautiful woman I have ever known in my life. I never told you this, but that’s the fact. You always made the good times even better and the bad times not so bad. There are times I feel I can hear you calling my name, and it seems like you never left. Because you shall always be with me.

I can now see so clearly, you are the only woman in my life who loved me so unconditionally, who loved me & adored me for who I really am. You really loved me more than your own self.

But, the fact remains. I miss you every single day of my life. I have been left all alone since the day you went away. I have not been the same since…

Miss you…

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I Miss You, Mom

I’ve been in Goa, for an assignment for Ford India (photographing their upcoming SUV, the Ecosport). The days have been extremely busy,  but one evening post pack-up, I witnessed a wonderful sunset on one of the beaches in Goa and photographed it as well. And during those moments, I missed my mom even more; I so wished she was around me, around the entire family to support me, to love me, to take care of me and to probably see me work and hopefully be proud of me.

I hope she’d be watching from the heavens, and I really hope her blessings are with me. Happy Mother’s Day, mummy. I miss you, terribly…


Goodbye My Angel…


My mom passed away all of a sudden, right in my arms on January 03, 2013. She died of a sudden cardiac arrest, and it was so sudden that it was all over even before any of us could realize what was actually happening. Since the day she has passed away, I have been feeling quite lost, I cry quite a lot and at unexpected moments, and I feel very different without her.

There are times when I am ‘normal’, but at times its just too overwhelming grief and sadness that I won’t be able to see her, hear her, talk to her ever again. I pray to God that she be happy wherever she is. It’s almost been a month now that she passed away; I still look at her picture(s) and there are times I wish I could’ve done something to save her, that she would’ve given us atleast some-time to do something for her, which could’ve saved her life. I wish I could repay her for all the continuous love she had for me all her life.

Mummy, I love you, and I surely hope (and somewhere deep down inside I know) that you are looking down on me, and you are watching over me all the time. I miss you so much, and I truly wish you were around. I shall try to move on, but it will be extremely hard, the zest is not there anymore as I always think about you. I feel like a part of me has been ripped out of me, and no matter what I do, there will always be this gaping hole. I also know she is much better off where she is now. No pain, heart-ache or sorrow. I do think of a lot of things I would have liked to discuss with her, questions still unanswered and things I wish I had said. She had sacrificed her whole life for us but my heart aches to think that being her son, I have not being able to help her the day she died and I can never forgive myself. Sometimes I can be in a place just sitting there i’ll think of my mom. And I can feel a rock climbing from my stomach and embedding its sharp edges into my throat to the point where I feel I cannot breath, I become so wrapped up in the extreme pain & sense of losing my mom that everyone else around me seem to disappear.

Mummy, where are you? Why did you leave me?  I Love You. You will always be in my heart. I shall forever miss you…

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