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Connaught on an Monsoon Evening

It is not often that it rains so much in Delhi, the capital of this beautiful country, India.

But this year’s monsoon thus far has been a majestic one with non-stop rains for the past 48 hours almost and boy, I’m not complaining. I’ve been feeling happy, and content within and trust me when I say, the weather has got a huge role to play. You see, most people love sunshine, summers, etc. Not that I loathe them myself but there is something really magical, something majestic about the monsoons which just takes my breath away in an instant.

And then there is photography. I love how the rains provide us with some amazing chance to photograph everything around us. You don’t need a hefty DSLR to always get the shot. A mere cell-phone these days is capable of creating some amazing pictures.

I hope this spell continues for a few more days, for India is predominantly a country where summer rules the roost, so to speak. So, monsoons, you’re more than welcome to stay as long as you like, love. πŸ™‚


Connaught Place on an monsoon evening- by Bobby Roy


New Delhi monsoon - by Bobby Roy


Hauz Khas on an monsoon evening - by Bobby Roy


Droplets - by Bobby Roy


Monsoon reflections - by Bobby Roy

In the Jungle amidst Nature

I have been pondering about this for quite a while now, and perhaps I’ll take a step towards the positive direction.

Recently, on one of my travels to a distant and off beat place in the Himalayas, I discovered a beautiful cottage by the road-side which was abandoned, and nobody seemed to be around. The village itself is a very small one, with a population count on two digits. And then it stuck me; I have been wanting to go to the Himalayas and just stay there for an indefinite period of time and just…be there.

You know what I mean? Just do the stuff that I always have wanted to do. Be in the middle of nature, photograph, write, and just do nothing. I need to experience such “nothingness” for in this urban jungle, I have completely lost the sense of being alone. O lonely, I sure am, but being alone and all by yourself is an entirely different feeling altogether.

Below, I am sharing a few pictures from my recent travel, and just look at the kind of solitude that places like this provide. Rest assured, very soon, I shall be off to such a place up in the hills. Where, I don’t know, for I haven’t decided yet. I shall ofcourse let everyone know about my whereabouts through Facebook, Instagram & ofcourse this blog of mine. πŸ™‚


Nainital Uttarakhand


Sigri Uttarakhand


Sigri Jungle Trails


Pangot Nainital

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Into the Evening…

Finding peace is not an easy task, no-matter how easy it might sound to you. On such a busy day, I made it a point to take an hour out in the evening, just to be with myself. Yes, I do love to be all alone; it does feel a little too alone at times, but then again, it is something which I choose for myself, and not forced upon. Moreover, if I have my beloved camera with me, I hardly feel the need to interact, talk, chat-up with anyone else. Having some great friends around is always a plus-point, but even if I am alone with my camera, I have found peace and solace.

Photograph things, daily things, things which you see on a daily basis but perhaps never took time to really “see” and appreciate is what I like to do, apart from writing about it, ofcourse. After all, I started writing long before I even thought about how interested photography is. So, you see, writing is and shall always be something that I give just a tad preference over photography, I believe. Anyhow, not boring you guys to death anymore; sharing a few pictures from last evening. These are not really technically superior or award-winning images which are ready to go to National Geographic or anything; just a few images created after dark while taking a nice , and more importantly a quiet stroll. Just being with myself, and enjoying Β the time. πŸ™‚


Loneliness is perhaps a blessing, at times, and at others it is pure punishment…


The dome of a old architecture contrasts beautifully with the blue sky just after sunset.


A black & white of the complex of Lodhi Gardens…



Blue skies and the lit historical beauty at Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi.

Traveling and Nature’s Nirvana

Traveling bug bit me again, and HARD this time. It had been MONTHS since I got out of Delhi, but this time I made sure I not only get out for good, but get some good photographs to compliment this long drawn travel-plan, too. READ ON: Nature’s Niravana – Chamba, Dhanaulti, Mussoorie Visited!

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