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In the Jungle amidst Nature

I have been pondering about this for quite a while now, and perhaps I’ll take a step towards the positive direction.

Recently, on one of my travels to a distant and off beat place in the Himalayas, I discovered a beautiful cottage by the road-side which was abandoned, and nobody seemed to be around. The village itself is a very small one, with a population count on two digits. And then it stuck me; I have been wanting to go to the Himalayas and just stay there for an indefinite period of time and just…be there.

You know what I mean? Just do the stuff that I always have wanted to do. Be in the middle of nature, photograph, write, and just do nothing. I need to experience such “nothingness” for in this urban jungle, I have completely lost the sense of being alone. O lonely, I sure am, but being alone and all by yourself is an entirely different feeling altogether.

Below, I am sharing a few pictures from my recent travel, and just look at the kind of solitude that places like this provide. Rest assured, very soon, I shall be off to such a place up in the hills. Where, I don’t know, for I haven’t decided yet. I shall ofcourse let everyone know about my whereabouts through Facebook, Instagram & ofcourse this blog of mine. πŸ™‚


Nainital Uttarakhand


Sigri Uttarakhand


Sigri Jungle Trails


Pangot Nainital

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Chaukori – In the Lap of β€œMother”…

It was a long weekend, and I was onto doing what I LOVE doing most – Traveling and Photography! But, this time it was a little different. I was in search of an offbeat place, a place about which no-one really would have heard.

I got down to some real searching and brain-storming, after which I found out this small village called Chaukori in Uttarakhand, about 500kms. north-east of Delhi. What? Chaukori? Never heard of it? Fret not, it is not any town, and it is unlike any of the “regular” hill-stations. It is a very small village (or rather hamlet), with a population that you can count in your fingers.

For more detailed text and some accompanying photographs of Chaukori, read the full post HERE.

High Tea with the Queen – Ranikhet

Long weekends is what I always look out for. Infact, weekends is what I crave for – not because I can relax, sit back at home, or catch a movie or visit one of the million shopping malls sprawling on every nook and corner. But because, come weekend and I know where my next destination of travel would be!

This past long weekend (25th-26th and 27th December, 2009), I visited a new place – Ranikhet. It’s serene, it’s quiet and it was VERY chilly. A must-visit place for every traveler and explorer, alike. Read more to see the pictures and the accompanying text – High Tea With The Queen – Ranikhet

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