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#LifeofAPhotographer – a short insight (vlog) into my professional life…


#LifeofAPhotographer – As a part of this week’s video, I wanted to share a little glimpse of my life as a working full-time photographer. It is the general perception of public at large that all a photographer does is “click a button” apart from travelling to exotic locations, staying in 5-star properties, and just generally having fun. Well, ofcourse that is ALSO a part & parcel of such an amazing “job”, if I will. But, as you’d probably watch in this video, it is much more than just that. It is about travelling during odd hours, sleeping late nights (or in my case not sleeping at all!) and rushing back to the home-city for another shoot and client meet.

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Why Do People Get Married?

ImageOff-late, everyone around me seems to be doing just one thing- getting married. With all the friends, and dear ones getting married, it puts a certain sort of pressure on the mind about this whole “getting married” stuff. To be frank, I have never really understood WHY do people get married? What is so charming about getting married and spending your life with that one person whom you think you love, and care for.

I feel, and I seriously think nobody needs to get married, not anymore and nobody needs to stay married either. Yet, at some point in our lives, most of us will commit ourselves to one woman (or man) for better or for worse, with that faint doubt in the back of our minds. Yet, we do it anyway, and hence I have always wanted to ask this question – why do we get married?

– Because you love her.
– Because you like her.
– Because she wants to.
– Because “kids” sound nice.
– Because she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
– Because you don’t want her to go anywhere.
– Because of social pressure.
– Because almost all of your friends are married.
– Because sex is good.
– Because fights are good, but sex after those fights are even better.
– And, probably because, wait, how old are you, again?

The reasons can be myraid but this question has been haunting me for the past many weeks now, more so with my family putting pressure on me to get married. I have met (and know) people who aren’t married and are leading perfectly healthy (and happy) lives. I have also known people who are married and are living their dreams. I believe, it should be left to the concerned person, and should never be forced upon them. I work as a full-time photographer creating beautiful candid pictures of couples who are in love and getting married to each other, but when it comes to my own wedding, I have this strange picture on my mind. It’s like that never ending dark tunnel, without any proverbial light at the end of it all.

I must confess that I have been through a few tough relationships which failed drastically because of factors best left unsaid. Post all the heart-break and trauma, I have some-how come to realize, and I might be wrong in believing so, that there is no “perfect girl” as such, just like there is no “perfect guy” to fall in love or to get married with. It is like I have been searching for that “perfect girl” ever since; she’s smart, pretty and absolutely adorable. She reads during her free time and she still watches shitty television with me on the couch, just for the heck of it. She loves to shop and to present herself well, but feels most comfortable with her feet up on the coffee table, listening to my boring talks all day long. We should be romantic anywhere and any-time, and be crazy about “love” any god-damn time of the day (or night, ofcourse). This girl can laugh at stupid, girly nonsense but can still take a joke when we make fun of each other. She’s calm but passionate, she’s cool but super-HOT a the same time, she loves me to bits, but is always the first one to point out my mistakes.

I want guys to end up with a girl like this because I feel like then, they’ll never be bored. They’ll get that sexiness and femininity that they crave, along with the comfort of being with a best friend, because relationships almost never work if you’re not friends with your significant other. All said and done, the fact of the matter remains, just why do people get married? If you’ve a solid reply to that, please leave your comments here. After all, my papa has been after my life to get married, but I, on the other hand am just not convinced that I must “settle” down in life (as if getting married is the only means of “settling down”).


I Miss You, Mom

I’ve been in Goa, for an assignment for Ford India (photographing their upcoming SUV, the Ecosport). The days have been extremely busy,  but one evening post pack-up, I witnessed a wonderful sunset on one of the beaches in Goa and photographed it as well. And during those moments, I missed my mom even more; I so wished she was around me, around the entire family to support me, to love me, to take care of me and to probably see me work and hopefully be proud of me.

I hope she’d be watching from the heavens, and I really hope her blessings are with me. Happy Mother’s Day, mummy. I miss you, terribly…


Photo-shoot of Miniature Liquor Bottles for Client

Today was a very busy and hectic day. I had a photo-shoot of some miniature liquor bottles, that I was commissioned to shoot for a client. It was a very challenging task ofcourse, not only because these are miniature bottles and it is tough to actually photograph these, but also because they are made of glass no-less!

But, at the end of a 6-7 hour photo-shoot, all is worth it after the client likes the pictures. I love such challenging photo-shoots, and especially when it is for professional purposes. I am sharing below a few photographs from the photo-shoot, and I have also included a photograph of the actual size of the miniature bottles just to give you all an idea of the actual size of these liquor bottles. These are beautiful to look at and wonderful to photograph.

P.S: Drinking / Smoking is injurious to health, and I, in no way support this. I do not drink/ smoke.









Professional Wedding Photographer? Do I really need one?


I understand the fact that weddings are expensive affairs, but it is also equally important to understand that there should be some room left in that expenses list of yours, to include a professional photographer for your big day. Now, I know very well that your best friend has a “professional D-SLR” and can take pictures of your wedding day for completely free, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for (or in this case what you “free” for).

You see, a pro knows what he/ she is doing right from some suave couple shots to capturing the moments beautifully under any lighting conditions, to the perfect exposure, composition, and framing, the pro knows exactly what he is doing rather than that “friend” of yours who is still fiddling with finding that “perfect” setting in his latest, flashy new D-SLR. Now, when somene hires me to cover their wedding, it is not because they have known me for years or only because they know my work. It is also because of the fact that working as a pro for years has made me learn and understand a lot of finer details which an amateur doesn’t quite know. For example, a pro knows exactly how to manipulate the existing lights (whether it be natural or artificial) and reflective surfaces in ways that you could never imagine.

Photography as a profession, for me is almost an obsession. When I go to cover a wedding, I always look for different view-points, different ways of capturing the same old cliched scenes which every wedding photographer creates. It’s like transforming what you would’ve thought to be just another normal, may be even unremarkable setting into almost a photo-studio sort of an environment, but never losing the important candid moments for which I am hired for in the first place. Since I majorly shoot candids, I have access to places where a traditional photographer generally doesn’t, and these moments are when I, as a photographer do not quite have the time to think of what the exposure should be, what the framing must be. It all comes with years of shooting; just looking at the light inside a room makes it click in my mind instantly, what the aperture/ shutter combination should be and what to do so that I can get the exact image that I had visualized in the first place.

Staying on top of the new technology in this digital ae has its own set of challenges, one that takes a lot of professional comittment and ofcourse a lot of expense as well. Be it wedding photography, or even photography in general is a very equipment-intensive business and all this equipment is expensive. So, it really does feel bad when the client negotiates time and again, till the time it is almost like working for free! I sincierly feel that if we, as photographers are giving our 100% to each assignment that we are hired for, it is also the client’s responsibility to see to it that we are paid for the job that we are doing in the right way.

Now, I am not someone to charge exhorbitant amounts for the weddings that I cover, but it is important for the clients to understand the entire wedding does not end with just the end of the wedding. It goes on well beyond the wedding day, with the post-processing of pictures, choosing the right pictures, and then working on those for days on and upto 18 hours in a day.

Please understand, professional photographers, like any other artists or business owners need to spend money to make money. When you hire them, you are actually helping them pay for their investment and in return you are getting memories for your lifetime; memories which you’d cherish for the entire life. And when you give this huge responsibility to your “friend”, cousin, or someone who has almost next to zilch experience in shooting weddings, you are taking a huge risk for a few thousand bucks that could make the difference between you looking at the photos and crying out of disgust and tears flowing down those beautiful cheeks out of nostalgia.

Think about it…

Deepak weds Neetu

This was another wedding that I covered recently, as a candid photographer. Working discretely to get the shots that I want is something that I absolutely enjoy; and when you enjoy your work & your assignments, it doesn’t seem like work anymore. Weddings are really fun to shoot, they are hectic and a lot of running around is involved, yes, but once you get the shots that you had visualized, it’s all so worth it.

If you would want me to cover your wedding, just give me a call at: +91-9811961814 or shoot an email with your requirements to: BobbyRoyPhotography@gmail.com / OnlyBobby123@gmail.com . I am available to travel all across the country for weddings, and even other photographic assignments.

















Manohar weds Sneha

It was one of the most amazing wedding assignments that I had covered so far in my career. Here are a few glimpses from that lovely wedding. Wishing you all the very best in this ‘new’ phase of life, Manohar & Sneha. 🙂 I will henceforth sharing the glimpses of all the professional photographic assignments that I do, here in this website too (weddings, automotive, portfolios & events). 🙂

If you would want a wedding covered, please shoot a mail to: BobbyRoyPhotography@gmail.com OR contact me at: +91-98119 61814





All For A Living…


It was not too long ago that I had this chance of interacting with a middle aged gentleman while I was waiting at the bus stand, to go some-place where I had to be. And I am sure I must have stuck out like a sore thumb in front of him or something. There I was, dressed in a very naive looking shirt and a dirty pair of denims faded with use and adorned with what else, but dirt and grime.The gentleman, however, seemed to be doing way better than what I was at that point of time – he was draped in the latest  threads, complete with what looked like this season’s coolest (or hottest, depending on the way you look at it!) sunglasses and shoes which seemed to gel perfectly well with the pants he was wearing on top of those sprawling estate, which I would like to believe were shoes!

He was looking at me for quite some-time, I could see. And then, all of a sudden, after almost assessing me in detail, he started exchanging pleasantries. We did exchange some “HIs” and HELLOs” and then, he threw me THE question that everyone, no-matter WHO I meet seem to ask me, what I did for a living. Just as I was about to answer that question of his, my cell phone rang and as I got it out of my pocket to see who was calling me at this hour of the day (it was almost 8:30 in the morning, a time when people generally are in a rush to reach their respective ‘jails’…Oops…Offices, is what I meant), I could see his two pair of eyes (from inside those funky sunglasses) rolled into the sight of that phone in my hands.

After I was done talking on the phone, I said – “I write, I click, I travel, and at times, I ride motorcycles. This is precisely what I do for a living, not in any particular order.” I tell it to him bluntly, almost in a hushed tone and I could see his eyes clearly lighting up, almost in amazement, or may be he thought I was bluffing; I would never know. “Oh, alright, but what do you do for a living?”, he asked me again. And as I explained to him a third time straight, he still seemed a little confused as to what “exactly” I did for a living. And by now, he was throwing those strange nervous glances all over me, and it seemed he was even murmering something strange to himself. I don’t know what his words were, the voices seemed to die down amidst the blaring horns of the passing vehicles. I reckon he didn’t get it, and I doubt he ever will. I say this, because I KNOW he didn’t really understood a word of what I said about what I did for a living, especially, in a time when, since childhood we are all groomed in such a way – be it in our homes, or schools/ colleges, we are almost led to believe that it is a sin if we do ANYTHING else but be doctors, engineers, lawyers and ofcourse a banker (how could I forget THAT one!?). If we do anything “unorthodox”, then, our life is not worth living at all. It is almost like committing a sin and not able to come out of it in any possible way!

I believe people like him just don’t understand that Photography and Motorcycling have infact kept me away from many ‘sins’ in life, if you know what I mean. If ever I am sad, I make it a point to click some pictures or may be go out traveling and all that sadness just seems to vanish away. I am sure he must have been working on some sort of number crunching to keep abreast with what he has been doing all his life, especially after he heard (crystal clear, I hope) that there CAN be a living by creating pictures and traveling all across the country too! At the end of it all, while I moved away, I could see almost a question mark on his face, with his index finger on his forehead almost closing his eyes in the process; he trying to figure out what all I just said while I, on the other hand, almost had this evil grin on my face as I disappeared onto the horizon, which, not surprisingly was filled with blaring car horns, and unending line of traffic jams…

Till next time. 🙂


Wedding work Featured @ MyShaadi.in

Recently, a website on weddings (myShaadi.in) got in touch with me, as they wanted to feature my wedding work on their website. It was an absolute pleasure and an honor to see my wedding work being featured on their respective website. I am attaching a screen-shot below of the page where I have been listed. For more detailed look, please visit: MyShaadi.in || BobbyRoy Photography.

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