When the BIC and CannonBall Came Together…

As I looked through the camera viewfinder, all I could see was a light haze, or smog as it is (in)famously referred to, and a set of strong headlight beams cutting through that haze. And a soft rumble developing into an ecstatic music for the ears. It’s almost like the proverbial hell was breaking loose right infront of my eyes. As the shutter went crazy trying to capture each moment of this absolute crazyness, I finally realized what was happening. Yes, I was at the Buddh International Circuit (India’s very own Formula 1 track!), positioned at the MP-12 corner (the straight just opposite the start-stop straight) and before me were a bunch of hugely powerful, exotic (not to mention, god-awesomely SEXY) supercars going bersek, cornering with tyres screeching and throttling it on the straight like there was no tomorrow. And as they raced away to glory, the rear of these cars trying hard to maintain the line with all that power transferring straight on the super smooth tarmac of the BIC (Buddh International Circuit). I had never seen so many supercars together, at one place. Well, even if I had (it must’ve been in my dreams, I am sure), I had never-ever in my wildest imagination had seen these many cars on a race-track running together, creating perfect music. And in my very own mother-land, mind you!

India has never seen such madness before, where a huge number of these exotic beauties with nothing less than V8s, V10s, and V12s (“V” is a type of engine configuration, just incase your mind was thinking a little naughty!) were rumbling through the 5.14km. track at break-neck speeds. India’s premiere Supercar Club – the CannonBall Supercar Club had organized this awesome track-day for the members of this elite club on the 25th of December, 2011 (the X-Mas Day, no less!). If you were NOT born today, you would ofcourse know what CannonBall Club is. For the unitiated lot though, the CannonBall Club is India’s largest supercar Club which include a host of these awesome vehicles. It brings together India’s largest and top collection of supercars – from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches to Aston Martins, Mercedes AMGs, Maseratis and the likes. It was started in the year 2009 with just 1 supercar as its first and only member. But, with time this Club has grown into almost a phenomenon in itself, growing by leaps and bounds. Cannonball has been organizing driving events and social gatherings on a regular basis, and even has a website and a dedicated Facebook page of its own.

An Audi RS5 makes its way through a corner during the practice session, at the BIC

This experience of shooting these cars doing lap after lap on the track was almost surreal. It was almost as if I was fuelling my deep desire to purchase one of these beauties one day. But (and it is a mammoth “but”, by the way), that is almost next to impossible, and I am being very frank here. The track-day experience however was absolutely real, and, how shall I put it mildly; it was completely invaluable to me, personally. It was a perfect Christmas for sure. The day saw some of the most sexy cars, like a Ferrari 599GTB and a 700+hp Nissan GT-R and ofcourse the Lamborghini Aventador running crazy on the track. After all, it is not everyday that you can say you’ve spent an entire day with these beauties that very well cost more than your house! And boy, do I have goose-bumps or what as I pen down this short experience of being there live infront of these exotics!

Yes, the track-day did see a Bentley Continental crash, and a Ferrari’s tyres developing some problems, et al, but these are all incidents that are taken as a ‘normal’ part of a track-day. Yes, these vehicles are far from normal, but that is how it is. If you are participating in a track-day (with whatever vehicle), it is completely the responsiblity of the person participating, to make sure whatever happens at the track is taken in a sporty manner and NOT in any other form (or in a bad way, to be frank).

The awesome start-stop stretch at the Buddh International Circuit.

As the track-day came to an end with the sun going down, I just could not get enough. Ideally, I am a calm person who does not complain about most things in life, but this was a day when I just could not get enough. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank this wonderful bunch of people at CannonBall for calling a few people around to photograph this first-ever track day for Supercars in India. I feel honored, and to a certain extent I feel special as well. As for the pictures, CannonBall shall put up the images on their Facebook page in a few days’ time, but I, for one just cannot wait for the ‘moments’ to show up. It is not only because of the fact that my work would, for the first time show up on their page, but it has got more to do with the fact that I want to go back to those moments, through those pictures (and video clips). I SO want to!

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